What's the story : pop-up at The Beauty Emporium

What's the story launches this month as a pop-up at The Beauty Emporium, a Lifestyle salon in Warner st …..

A brand that has been created out of love for not only vintage fashion, individuality and unique finds but also to help join the pre-loved fashion movement to fight back against fast fashion.

Claire Ratcliffe-Wilson, the founder of What's the story, explains:

"I love fashion and luxury but have always had individuality and ethical values. 

I want to bridge the gap in the market by offering luxury, vintage and one-off items that are sustainable and tell a tale. After all, pre-loved doesn't have to be naff, and the nature of vintage clothing is sustainable. I want to help the revolution of fighting against fast fashion and its principles by promoting circularity to give used items a new lease of life; each item's story will begin a new chapter! 

It's super exciting to have many pop-up shops planned, and I will launch online soon. To offer the most beautiful items with labels such as Chanel, Gucci, Mulberry and Escada within the What's the story collection".

Claire adds, "Our planet and millions of people are fashion victims because unethical global companies offering cheap fashion are costing the earth. They aren't being transparent to their consumers about their supply chain and its impact on the planet. Still, we as consumers can change and revolutionise the industry just by being choosy about what we buy. It is up to us to educate ourselves about the quality of what we buy, its provenance and ultimately, question who made it!"

How we dress defines our day and creates our mood and conviction for anything we want to achieve.

To wear a beautiful item that has been on a journey with a tale to tell and makes you feel good has to be not only financially savvy but also great for the planet…

Considered style has to happen, and I would love for us to lose the fact that( my once go-to place) Manchester is the fast fashion capital. To revert to vintage finds and us having individuality again would be bloody marvellous.

I know that my company isn't ever exhausting natural resources, and I can promise that when you choose one of my hand-picked treasures, you'll never have to worry about wearing the same outfit as anyone else!"

We welcome all to come and enjoy taking a look at the beautiful items that are on offer, as well as the gifts available at The Beauty Emporium.
(Photos by Robin)

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