Amber 5oz Candle - Velvet Woods & Amber

Amber 5oz Candle - Velvet Woods & Amber

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WXY. 5oz of 100% plant-based wax in thick-walled amber glass.

Transport yourself to a cosy, fireside retreat with this Amber 5oz Candle, infused with the rich, warm scents of velvet woods and amber.

This luxurious candle is crafted from high-quality, natural ingredients, delivering a beautiful and long-lasting aroma to any space.

A subtle glow emanates from the amber-coloured wax as the wick is lit, creating a cosy ambience perfect for a relaxing evening. The combination of velvet woods and amber creates an inviting and comforting scent profile, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

This 5oz candle is ideal for any room, whether you're creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. It's also perfect for travel, bringing the comforting aroma of home with you on your journeys.

Indulge in the luxurious scent of our Amber 5oz Candle and experience the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.

Glass is easy to reuse after the candle has finished. A WXY. bestseller.

All WXY. Products are made in the UK using 100% plant-based wax, luxury fragrances, and recyclable and reusable materials. No palm, no parabens, no plastics

Why do we love this women-owned UK brand so much?

Here's why :  

They are ethical and based in the rural county of Cheshire.

The majority of their materials come from within a 30-mile radius. Their small team is inspired by minimalist design, architecture, enduring style and simple living. They don't go in for fast fashion and over-engineered packaging; instead, they make beautiful products to fit into any interior and let the scents do the talking.

They created their scents to evoke a mood, vibe, and time of day as they, like us, feel that scent should transcend ideas of gender and season and simply just make you feel good. 

Since its launch in early 2019, they have grown and supplied many independent retailers across the UK and parts of Europe.

 WXY. donates 3% of profits with every product sold to MIND charity