Getting Ready and Heading Out

Kempton Tower
As getting ready for work or a night out feels like a distant memory for lots, I wanted to address this very matter due to the conversations I’m having with women and men daily. Everyone is feeling underwhelmed with life right now so I felt that had to write a little about it...
PJs and joggers have replaced suits and power dresses, slippers & sneakers replacing heels and brogues. I just wanted to tell you that everyone is feeling it. Most have lost their mojo and so you’re not alone!
The creative side and spirit for many people have been lost because of many factors. Not having an excuse to put on your best gear for that event or not wearing lipstick because of face masks for example to name a few. It’s just been easier to not bother, I have struggled too.
What has been taken away, be it work or socialising is part of who and what we are, it’s our expression and identity. Doing what makes us feel good isn’t easy during these times. We are all feeling it and I’m currently working on what I can offer to fight this crusade to get back what’s been lost...
So, here’s a snippet of my outfit on a trip a few days ago Kimpton Clocktower in Manchester... It’s not to show off to you but quite the opposite...
It was a casual trip to head to HOME and the northern quarter, a hotel stay and to take in some much-missed culture that we’d been craving.
I knew that sneakers and jeans would have been fine but instead, I did what makes me feel good, put on my glad rags and headed out with Dan.
I was asked what the occasion was from a doorman? I replied “ the occasion is that it’s Sunday and I’m alive!”... he said i’d made his day.
Staying in the epitome of beautiful interior design that’s sympathetic to the architecture, along with the synergy of cool music and people, my perfect date, partner in crime and soulmate gave me back my wings...
Therefore I urge you to step back into what makes you feel good, make that call, book that pamper or treat yourself to that killer outfit and trip. Take back what Covid has borrowed ( yes, it’s time to get back to you), because this is our new normal and time will not wait for you to start enjoying everything beautiful once again.
Big love
Claire ❤️

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